Cinderella speaking, and sick of it.

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Sick of Cinderellaing; obviously, not sick of speaking. 

So, I have this roommate.  She is kind of, well, “not girly” or even femininely inclined.  At all. Ever.  She curses like a pissy sailor, watches football twelve months out of the year, shoots guns, is hairy like a man–a hairy man–and has this disease.  The I-won’t-clean-a-thing-no-matter-what-itis.  I’m usually pretty good about doing whatever dishes are there (it should be noted, we don’t have a dishwasher), or vacuuming up her long, dark hairs, or shoveling her crap back into her room, but things have started to get a little ridiculous.  Ok, have continued to be as ridiculous as the first week we moved in together.  Once I went out of town for two weeks, and by the time I returned every. single. dish was piled in and around the sink, the stove, the counter, she had dirtied them all and moved onto paper plates.  I nearly threw up; my kitchen smelled like a cross between a frat house and a garbage heap.  It’s a freakish phenomena that she can go months without washing her sheets, or running a vacuum, or–heaven forbid–breaking out the bottle of 409. 

How do I confront this kind of a problem?  The obvious, “adult” answer is to rationally confront her and tell her to wash out her own tupperware containers and to pile her junk in her own room instead of in the middle of the living room.  However, please refer to previous paragraph about roommate who is most likely capable of killing a bear with her bare hands. 

Is it ethical for me to trade my portion–ok, all–of the cable bill (a whopping $50 bucks, in my head that’s insane, but she insists on having the full NFL/ESPN package), for her portion of the housecleaning?  How do I have this conversation?  How do I bring it up?  Can I just write her an email?  Or do I need to have the “adult” face-to-face thing…keeping in mind that her “adult” behavior would get her kicked out of kindergarten, even 5 year olds can pick up their shyte.

Please discuss amongst yourselves.  (Um, and comment so I know what on earth you are discussing.)


*You’ve been Goosed

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Alternate Title 1: Warning!  One Blue Goose is on the loose!
Alternate Title 2: Why did the Chicken Goose cross the road?
Alternate Title 3: In which I welcome myself to the blogosphere.

Alright, so this is all fairly anti-climactic, but there’s really no easy way to start a blog without being anti-climactic–and if you have discovered this secret, for heaven’s sake, why are you hoarding the knowledge?!?  I have been lurking on your blogs (yes, yours, and yours, and yours) for ages and I decided it’s about time to try my own not-really-webbed foot hand at blogging.  I’m not quite sure what I will be writing about, probably a bit of this, and a bit of that, with a few other tidbits thrown in the mix.

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